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Benefits of the ocean for your dog

Word on the street is that dogs love the beach just as much as we do. There are also many health benefits for both us and our dog by spending some time by the ocean.

The salt air alone provides us with so many benefits. According to Vetted "salt air actually contains negatively charged hydrogen ions which more readily absorb oxygen. Breathing in these ions for a few hours can do wonders to reduce mucus, relieve sinus pressure, alleviate coughing and even help asthma sufferers. If your dog has breathing problems or even if he;s getting older, salt air at the beach might really make a big difference".

Not only will your dog benefit from exercising at the beach but the sea salt in the ocean can help to naturally improve hydration in your dog and also strengthen the skin when in moderation. However too much salt water can dehydrate the skin and cause dullness in your pups fur.

Dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Chesapeake Retrievers, Portuguese Water dogs and Irish Water spaniels react well to the salt water. They have a naturally oily coat which resists absorbing the dryness of the salt water and it helps to keep their skin more moist.

Double coated dogs such as Akita, Husky, Shiba Inu and others tend to trap saltwater between their dense inner coat and softer outer coat which over time can irritate the skin and promote bacterial growth. It's probably best to make sure they are bathed or rinsed off well after a day at the beach.

Dogs with fine or silky hair such as Terriers may also experience skin problems at the beach as their hair often leaves swaths of skin exposed to the sun or water.

Here are a few tips for a day at the beach:-

  • Plan ahead - find dog friendly beaches that let your dog run free.

  • Bring bottled water, a shade screen, towels and treats, baggies to clean up and even canine sunscreen.

  • Make sure your dog has a collar with his ID and your contact details on it.

  • Provide your dog with fresh water so they don't become dehydrated.

Dogs, just like humans can easily become caught in a rip or big wave so do keep an eye on your dog just as you would a child.

Don't be surprised if your dog has diarrhea after a day at the beach. This is due to the high levels of sodium in the sea water. This will pass very quickly so do make sure your dog is kept well hydrated.

There are so many benefits to spending time by the ocean so grab a hat and all those supplies to make for a pawfect fun filled day.

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