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What causes bad breath in dogs, and how to cure it

If you're as cuddly with your dog as we are here at Pawfect Surprise, it's not hard to tell when your dog has a serious case of bad breath. Contrary to popular belief, bad breath in dogs isn't something that should be considered normal. Here's what could possibly be happening.

Firstly, it is very important to practice good oral hygiene because as with humans, tartar or plaque build-up can lead to periodontal disease. Brushing your dogs’ teeth regularly or even offering a chew toy can be a help in eliminating this problem.

Another cause of bad breath could be because your dog is eating from the garbage bin or even eating their own poop or the poop from other animals in the household. It’s probably a good idea to have tight lids fitted on bins and try to keep litter trays away from your dog.

However, a more important consideration is that your dogs’ bad breath could be due to an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, kidney disease, or liver disease. It is important to remember that most conditions are treatable.

Firstly see your vet to rule out any of these issues. Your vet would also be able to give your dogs’ teeth a good clean if you would rather it be done professionally.

Your dogs’ oral health is a reflection of their overall health and well being so it is really important to feed them a nutritious well-balanced diet.

Make sure they have plenty of exercises, mental stimulation, and start to brush their teeth on a regular basis.

We are sure in no time you'll have your best friends breath smelling like roses.

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