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Become a pawfect surprise affiliate

Welcome to the Pawfect Surprise Affiliate Sales Program!


We would love you to become one of our sales affiliates, find like minded individuals who would love our brand, and make money doing what you love! 


We’ll provide you with helpful marketing materials and tools to help convert leads into sales.



What is Pawfect Surprise?

Want to offer your contacts a variety of the cutest toys, super-dooper chews, treats, fun accessories and heaps more each month? Then a Pawfect Surprise is pawfect for them!


Pawfect Surprise is Australia's premiere Pet Subscription Box. For as little as $39/month you can offer a box with new and interesting products for each pet's individual needs each month....and there are no lock in contracts, so you can cancel or change your box at any time, no questions asked.

Each month, customers are sent a box full of original and full sized products (not samples) which have been carefully selected by our team, with advice from our pet experts.  All products are ethically sourced, and all treats and chews are 100% natural and made in Australia.

Pawfect Surprise provides our customers with a new way to care for our pets in the best possible way.

How Much Can You Make?

We offer 10% commission on each sale you make.  You can earn a commission on an ongoing basis - so as long as your customer continues to subscribe, you continue to receive a commission payment.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Pawfect Surprise, please click on the link below and we will get you started.  


Our Products


We offer three unique boxes including a $39 box called Pawfully Fun, which includes various toys, accessories and treats.  To see what's included in this box, please visit:


The medium sized box we offer is called Supaw Pet and is $55 which includes a variety of toys, treats, accessories and grooming products. To see what's included in this box, please visit:

Lastly, the largest box we offer is called The Empawrium which is $69 and includes toys, treats, grooming products, accessories and health and wellness products. To see what's included in this box, please visit:


Each product has been rigorously tested and recommended by pet experts. Our treats and supplements all comply with Australian pet safety requirements and standards. 

Affiliate Income (3).png

Our compensation structure means that there is no limit on how much you can earn.


As our affiliate program offers the opportunity of a trailing commission, provided the customer continues to maintain their subscription each month, you continue to earn a commission. 


Also, each commission is aligned with the value of the subscription, so the higher the value of the subscription, the higher your earnings.

Terms & COnditions

Loyalty Trailing Commission

A loyalty trailing commission is applied to your customer order for the duration of their subscription, which means you continue to receive an ongoing monthly commission payment, provided the customer remains a subscriber.

Yearly Potential Earnings

Each year you have the potential to earn an income from Pawfect Surprise as we offer a life-time trailing commission.  


Trailing commissions will be paid on a monthly basis into your nominated bank account.

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