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5 ways to spoil your dog on their birthday

Our dog gives us so much in the way of love and affection so it is a good reason to give back to our buddy. Here are a few great birthday treats to show them just how much you appreciate them and to make sure they have a very special birthday:-

Take Them For A Walk

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice long walk! Judging by how much that tail wags when you pick up their lead I think your four legged friend would agree. This would be a great way to start their day and they may just meet some doggy friends if you take them to your local park.

Organise A Pamper Session

You may like to treat your dog to a grooming session with a trained groomer, many of whom will include a massage as part of their service. It’s also a good time to have their nails clipped and teeth brushed. Your pet will look and smell wonderful afterwards, not to mention how relaxed they will be feeling.

Visit A Dog Friendly Cafe

What better way to show off your pets brand new look than to take them out. Most major cities have dog friendly cafes which will cater for their doggy customers. The menu may include homemade dog biscuits as well as a dog smoothie. It’s always a good idea to check what is in them just as a safety measure.

Buy Your Dog A Birthday Present

Your pet will simply love to receive a new toy or even a box full of treats and toys to show them just how much you care. Toys provide that ongoing stimulation that our pets obviously need, particularly if they are home alone. Make the time to play with your pet as it will build that bond. Some toys are great for when they are on their own as they don’t require interactive play.

Host A Birthday Party

We love to socialise on our birthday so why shouldn’t our four legged companion. Invite a few friends and their pooches over to your place. Organise some backyard games along with some treats and plenty of water. You could even bake a dog friendly birthday cake for them to share. There are many websites which have recipes for dog cakes and biscuits but obviously check that the ingredients are pet friendly.

Please share with us any other ideas or tips to make these birthdays more special.

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