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Why does my dog tilt their head

As a dog owner there is nothing more heart warming than that head tilt when we are communicating with our beloved pet. Dogs have a tendency to look you directly in the eye, almost as if they are hanging on every word you say. Research has shown that dogs who are very social will tilt their heads more often to encourage extended communication with their owner.

Dogs like to understand the messages we are communicating and by tilting their head they are able to see our facial expressions more clearly. Dogs are so in tune with their owners just by observing their body language, tone of voice, eye movements and facial expression.

Dogs will also tilt their heads to optimise their hearing. This is particularly important in establishing where a sound is coming from. It doesn’t help that dogs have ear flaps which either partially or completely cover the ear canal which can limit their detection of sounds.

If you notice your dog tilting its head more often than usual, it could be an indication of a medical issue such as an infection of the external ear canal. Middle ear infections can be more serious however. Continuous tilting of the head to one side may indicate a neurological issue. Always consult your vet if you have any concerns.

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