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How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

We all want to be loved, especially by our furry friends. Don’t you just love it when your beloved kitty jumps up on your lap and snuggles in for the night. There have been many times when I have put off getting up to make a cup of tea for the love of my cat. Have you ever wondered why they choose your lap when they have their own comfy bed or other favourite spots in the house. Let’s have a look as to the reasons why your kitty cat prefers your lap.

  • They may just be feeling insecure and because they look on us as giant cats they think that we are going to protect them from any predators which may be lurking close by.

  • In winter they would be looking for a warm spot so that they don’t have to work so hard to maintain their body temperature.

  • Cats are just like our children and they want our attention when we are consumed with something else such as working from home, talking on the phone or watching TV.

  • They are showing us affection, it’s their way of saying “I love you”.

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