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Why cats enjoy sunshine and how to give them more

You may have already noticed just how much your kitty loves to lounge around in the sun. Whenever you see a ray of sunshine shining through your windows you will also find your four-legged friend stretched out basking in the warmth (rather like a sun worshiper on Bondi Beach).

Believe it or not, cats are instinctively programmed to seek out those warm spots. One reason for this is because cats experience a drop in temperature when they fall asleep and by laying in the sun they don’t have to waste their energy-generating the heat themselves. You can be forgiven for thinking that your cat is attempting to raise their vitamin D levels as this is simply not the case because their bodies do not produce Vitamin D from sun exposure. Cat's actually get the vitamin D they need from good quality pet food. On that point never be tempted to give your cat one of your vitamin D supplements as they are highly toxic for animals.

Let’s have a look at how we can increase our feline friend’s exposure to the sun without risking them becoming overheated.

Start by noting where the hot spots are in your home and set up their favorite bed close to a window where the sun streams through.

If you have window sills in your home remember to move any ornaments or breakable objects from them so that your kitty can stretch out. They may even enjoy being higher up as it allows them to see any potential predators which will make them feel more secure.

Try to block any drafts coming through windows and doors, particularly in those winter months.

If you have one of those cat climber combo scratching posts, place it in front of a window.

If your cat goes outside, set them up with their own little area where they can enjoy basking in the sun but still be able to seek out shade if they need it.

On a very hot day, it is recommended to keep your pets indoors as they can suffer from heat exhaustion.

By following the above tips you will have a very happy kitty to come home to at the end of the day. They will also be ready for some fun and games.

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