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Fruits Your Dog Can Eat!

With Summer fast approaching here in Australia, many of us are feeling the heat picking up. This is the time when we start to enjoy some of our favorite fruits such as watermelon, rockmelon, frozen oranges, and in fact, anything to cool us down after a long walk with our dog. But just how safe are these fruits for our four-legged friends...

It has to be remembered that a dogs’ digestive system is very different from ours and for that reason, they can experience long-term health problems by eating the wrong food.

Dogs are carnivores and can live quite happily on a carnivorous diet. They do not rely on fruit but the odd treat will do no harm as long as it is the right kind of fruit. Below is a list of fruit that is safe for your dog.

Apples (remove the core and seeds first, they can be frozen for a cooling snack)

Bananas (high in sugar so not recommended for a diabetic or overweight dog)


Cantaloupe (another fruit which is high in sugar)

Mango (remove the hard pit to reduce the risk of choking, contains small amounts of cyanide)

Peaches (remove the hard pit and once again the pit contains small particles of cyanide)

Pears (remove the pit and seeds first)


Raspberries (contain small amounts of xylitol so should be eaten in moderation)

Strawberries (once again in moderation due to the high sugar content)

Watermelon (remove the rind and seeds as they could cause intestinal blockages)

As you can see there are many fruits which are considered safe for your pet but always be cautious and make sure there is nothing for them to choke on. Last on our list is watermelon which is 92 percent water and for that reason is ideal for keeping your dog hydrated on a hot summer day!

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