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Why does my dog bite?

No matter how nice our beloved dog is, it should be remembered that they are still capable of biting another animal or human being. As a dog owner, you are responsible for your pet so it is important to do everything you can to avoid this type of situation taking place. It is helpful to understand why they are exhibiting this type of behaviour. This could be the key to preventing your dog from biting. There are many types of aggressive behaviour which we will talk about below:

Dominance Aggression

This is where your dog believes that they are in charge of everyone in the household. They believe they are top of the pecking order which is what happens in the animal kingdom. They could be reacting to a situation such as being moved from their favourite sleeping area when they want to be left alone in comfort. The way to try to eliminate this type of behaviour is to start obedience training as early as possible. That way you are setting expectations in your dog’s behaviour.

Fear Aggression

Your dog could be naturally anxious and fearful of situations they consider threatening. Some of these situations could be loud noises such as cars, motorbikes and thunder, being around strangers, being pestered by small children or simply being fearful of other dogs. Once again obedience training can help but it is more important to encourage your dog to be social with other dogs and people. It will also be of benefit to understand your dog’s body language.

Protection Of Valuables

Dogs can become very protective of their family members. They can also be protective towards their own possessions such as their food, toys and their own bed. They may be exhibiting this kind of behaviour if there are other pets in the house. You could try feeding them separately and giving them their own area where they can be undisturbed. Early training is the answer with key commands which can be used in this type of situation. Remember with any type of training to reward your dog with treats.

Maternal Aggression

When a dog has given birth she needs to feel safe in her environment as her puppies are dependent on her to have all their basic needs met. For this reason, she may become aggressive if she is overwhelmed with too many visitors. Remember to give your dog the space she needs and limit the number of visitors to just one or two and definitely no children in these early days.

Redirected Aggression

This occurs when the dog owner tries to break up a fight between two dogs. The dogs would be very wound up and probably not even realise that it is your hand that they are biting. It is best to break up fights by startling the dogs with loud noises or if you have access to a hose spray the dog with water. Never use your hand to break up a fight.

Pain Induced Aggression

Dogs are sensitive to pain just as much as we are. They may have an injury that needs attending to but they cannot cope with the pain it is causing them. In this instance, it is probably best to seek medical attention.

To conclude there are many situations that may cause your dog to bite. Start training them early and encourage them to bite on their chew toys or bones. Our Pawfect Surprise Subscription boxes are a great way to keep your dogs entertained as they will consistently be receiving new exciting and interactive toys and training treats. It is also important to teach your children or grandchildren how to act around dogs and understand that even the best-behaved dog can bite. Being dedicated to your dog’s health and well being as well as understanding their body language is a great way to minimise this happening.

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