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10 dogs which will get you off the couch and feeling fit again!

When it comes to choosing a dog, it is important to consider how your new companion is going to benefit you and your family. If you are finding it difficult to lose those extra kilos which have crept on during the past few years and you haven’t been motivated enough to join the gym, now is the time to consider a buddy who will get you off the couch. In order to have a happy, healthy dog it is important to keep them well exercised. However, there are some breeds who not only thrive on exercise but also on an active lifestyle. If you are ready and willing to change your way of life and devote time to an active, high energy dog, here are some of the breeds worth getting to know better.

1) Dalmatians

These dogs were originally bred as coach dogs so that they could travel alongside horse-drawn carriages. They are known for their speed and endurance. If they are not exercised enough, they will end up with a lot of pent-up energy and this is when the destructive behavior can start. They would be an ideal training dog for someone who wants to compete in a marathon as they have the ability to keep up.

2) Siberian Husky

These dogs were bred as sled dogs which means that not only are they strong but they have the most amazing endurance and they love to run.

3) Border Collies

These dogs were bred to herd sheep and cattle. They thrive on hard work and will happily spend the whole day running around. They are extremely intelligent and will respond well to training and being given plenty of exercise.

4) Golden Retrievers

These dogs are happy, good-natured, and respond well to daily exercise. They are happy to join in with any activity whether it be playing fetch, running, or even swimming. You may have found yourself an ideal beach companion.

5) Labrador Retrievers

These dogs were originally bred as working dogs and in times gone by, they were great at helping fishermen with their work. They are very energetic and for that reason are often used as service and rescue dogs. They love nothing more than a run followed by a swim.

6) Beagles

These hunting dogs love nothing more than a walk or better still a run each day. They have a lot of energy so it makes sense that they would require an hour of exercise otherwise they might start digging in places you don’t want them to.

7) Poodles

These lovable dogs love to keep active and will happily walk, run, and swim alongside you. Poodles are not only renowned for their fancy looks but also for their high energy levels.

8) English Springer Spaniels

These dogs were bred for hunting and as a result, have a great deal of stamina. They love interactive play with humans and will benefit from daily exercise.

9) Australian Cattle Dog

These dogs were bred to herd cattle and it’s easy to see that they still have those herding instincts when you feel a nip at the back of your ankle. They have enough energy to keep up with the most active of people, even those riding quad bikes!

10) Pembroke Welsh Corgis

These dogs are strong and athletic and love nothing more than running around and being given work to do. Despite having very short legs, they are still able to keep up with the fastest of people.

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