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Starting a New Business With a New Pet in Tow

Whether you’re a fan of felines or a dog devotee, adopting a new pet is one of the best

decisions you can make. In fact, research reveals that pet owners are typically happier and

often live longer. These benefits shouldn’t overshadow the commitment that a pet requires.

Being a good cat or dog parent can be an incredibly time-consuming responsibility. Starting a business at the same time you adopt a pet might seem too ambitious for most people. For an entrepreneur, though, it’s a welcome challenge.

Here are some tips from Pawfect Surprise to help you on your journey.

Taking Care of Your New Furry Friend

There’s always a period of transition that follows the adoption of a new pet. This is the time

when you get to know each other and establish a routine that’s mutually suitable. To get on the same page with your new pet, you should schedule their meals and activities at the same time every day.

You’ll likely also need to invest time in training. If you adopted a cat, you may need a litter box to train them, and if you adopted a dog, they may need a leash and obedience training. Many pet owners use strategies such as positive reinforcement in response to the desired behaviour.

As a burgeoning business owner, you need to know when to ask for help, too. Sometimes you need to schedule a sitter to take care of your pet. Luckily, there are sites and apps that can help you find sitters and trainers for your new companion. Search profiles of pet professionals in your area to find a provider who’s highly rated.

Building a Business With Growth Potential

Juggling your responsibilities as a pet owner and a business owner is no easy task. You need to be organised and motivated in order to do both. You can improve your organisation with

gadgets like a smartwatch that links to a daily schedule app. Resources like this can help you

get more done in a day.

You can combine your pet parent and business owner duties, too, by investing in a pet-friendly office. Make your workspace an inviting environment for your furry friend by furnishing it with their favourite toys and treats. Be sure to include a comfortable cushion, food, and water.

You should also take care to ensure that you and your pet have a healthy home environment.

Make sure your space features some indoor plants and plenty of natural light. Spider plants are a good inclusion. Both you and your pet also need to have nutritious food and plenty of water throughout the day to maintain your health.

At this point, it’s also important to create a business plan to track projected expenses. Your plan should cover the core concept of your company, its structure, its funding, and plans for

marketing. If you intend to create a website, your plan should discuss how the site will convert customers. You may design a colourful infographic, for example, with help from a graphic designer — or you can use an infographic template that enables customization. Personalise your business infographic with your logo, company colours, and custom text.

Raise Your Pet and Grow Your Business Together

Raising a pet is a handful. So is starting a new business. If you’ve decided to do both at the

same time, you certainly don’t lack ambition. You can make multitasking easier by developing a routine, asking for help, and investing in useful apps. Crafting a clear business plan is essential to juggling all of your responsibilities, so it’s important to outline your business’s goals, resources, and strategies.

There’s room in your life for a pet and a business, and you might be surprised by how well the two go together. So give both the attention they deserve by using effective time management strategies.

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Questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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