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10 facts you may not already know about the Persian Cat

  1. The Persian is considered the most popular cat in the world.

  2. In 1620 an Italian named Pietro Della Valle bought 4 pairs of exotic-looking long-haired grey cats from a market in Persia and took them home to Europe to breed.

  3. Persians do not cope with loud noises so they might not cope as well around young children.

  4. Queen Victoria owned two blue Persian cats.

  5. Persians come in a range of colors such as calico, tortoiseshell, grey, orange, black, and white.

  6. Persians are quite lazy and for that reason, they earned the name “furniture with fur”.

  7. You can leave your Persian at home all day without the worry of it destroying your house.

  8. Persians featured in the first-ever cat show at Crystal Palace in London in 1871.

  9. There are two different types of Persian which are “Show Persian” and “the Ancient Persian”.

  10. Persians have the most gentle and sweet nature.

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