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10 interesting facts about German Shepherds

  1. The first German Shepherd dog was bred in 1889 by a man called Max Von Stephanitz.

  2. The first ever guide dog was a German Shepherd.

  3. German Shepherds make fantastic police dogs because of their strength, intelligence and great sense of smell.

  4. German Shepherds were used as mercy dogs during World War 1. They would bring first aid supplies to wounded soldiers, often staying with soldiers as the soldiers lay dying.

  5. German Shepherds are considered the third smartest dog breed in the world.

  6. A German Shepherd named Rin Tin Tin was trained to act in silent films in the 1920s.

  7. German Shepherds were used to find 9/11 survivors.

  8. British people refer to the German Shepherd as an Alsation.

  9. A German Shepherd’s fur can be wavy or straight.

  10. In very rare cases pituitary dwarfism can affect German Shepherds which means they will grow no larger than puppy sizes.

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