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10 interesting facts about the Australian Kelpie

  1. The Australian Kelpie is a descendent of the Collie breed.

  2. Australian Kelpies were bred for sheep herding and so they could withstand the harsh Australian sun.

  3. Australian Kelpies weigh between 14-20 kgs and stand 43-51 cms in height.

  4. Australian Kelpies live between 11-15 years.

  5. Australian Kelpies have a tendency to pack on the pounds so only feed them nutrient rich food.

  6. Australian Kelpies can be trained to do so many jobs such as search and rescue, drug detection or they can be used as assistance dogs.

  7. Australian Kelpies love being around people and as a result do not enjoy their own company.

  8. Australian Kelpies are highly intelligent dogs.

  9. Rumour has it that the Dingo was mixed with a Collie to get the ultimate herding dog ie the Australian Kelpie but there is no real evidence to prove this.

  10. Australian Kelpies are suited to farm owners or anyone who is very energetic.

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Shelley Staffig
Shelley Staffig
30 thg 11, 2022

I recently adopted a chi/kelpie. Such a wonderful, smart, energetic little dog. Best dog I’ve ever had. I hope he lives a long time.

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