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10 interesting facts about the Dalmatian

  1. Dalmatian puppies are born white and only get their spots after 10-14 days.

  2. No two Dalmatians share the same number and patterns of spots as each one is unique.

  3. 12% of Dalmatians are deaf.

  4. Dalmatians have been known to have large litters, sometimes 8 or more pups.

  5. In 2009 a new world record was set with a Dalmatian mum giving birth to 18 puppies.

  6. Researchers say that blue-eyed Dalmatians are more prone to deafness than brown-eyed Dalmatians.

  7. Pongo and Perdita were the names of the characters in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

  8. In the 1900s Dalmatians were used to run alongside the horse carriage axles to deter highwaymen and any stray animals.

  9. Dalmatians make ideal guard dogs.

  10. Dalmatians need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy.

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