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10 ways a dog will benefit your children

  1. Dogs reduce stress Stroking a dog can decrease anxiety in children which in turn makes them more able to cope with life challenges such as school work and exams.

  2. Dogs teach responsibility Children learn from a young age that their beloved pet is relying on them for food and water, being exercised and having their social needs met during playtime.

  3. Dogs encourage outdoor play Time away from TV and computers is so beneficial for your children’s health and well being. It is setting your children up to incorporate exercise into their everyday life.

  4. Dogs teach boys nurturing skills Boys often learn to hide their emotions but owning a dog will bring out that loving and gentle side which we don’t often see.

  5. Dogs teach empathy A dog will let you know when it is hungry or if it needs to go outside which makes children aware of the needs and feelings of someone else besides themselves.

  6. Dogs can decrease allergies Research has shown that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. They also have a stronger immune system which helps fight off those colds and flu.

  7. Dogs bring families closer together Families can share special time together by simply walking, feeding and playing with their four legged family member. Even time spent grooming the dog together encourages conversation.

  8. Dogs assist with education Children are more likely to read aloud to a dog as their companion will never judge them when they slip up on a word. Educators have used dogs in schools to assist with children who have learning difficulties.

  9. Dogs promote social development Your children may engage with other pet owners whilst out walking but more importantly dogs teach kindness and they build self esteem which assists greatly with social interaction.

  10. Dogs help to treat behavioural issues Research has shown that owning a dog can calm an angry or hyperactive child. Children with autism were found to have stronger social skills .

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