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7 ways to make your cat very happy

Our feline pets are a huge part of our family and for that reason, we want to give them the best life we possibly can. It would be easy for some people to assume that as long as cats are fed and watered they are happy. However there is a lot more we can offer our kitty to make them feel happy, secure, and content in their home environment. Let’s look at some of the ways we can enrich their lives.

  1. Cats love to sleep and will happily sleep for several hours during the day, particularly after a meal. So why not set them up with their own comfy bed to relax in. There might be a particular area in the house where your cat really feels happy, maybe in an area near a window where they can bask in the sun. Just be cautious during those summer months that they aren’t becoming overheated!

  2. Cats love to sharpen their claws. It is part of their natural instinct to do this and they get a lot of enjoyment in doing so. Often they will use our furniture as a means to scratch which isn’t ideal. You will be helping kitty and saving your furniture by providing them with a cat scratching post which will make them very happy!

  3. Cats love to groom themselves and will spend many hours a day devoting their time to this process. Not only does grooming keep them clean but it helps your cat to feel relaxed and therefore reduces stress. Some cats have been known to groom their owners as this is a way for them to form a bond. If your cat loves to be groomed by you, spend time each day brushing their fur as this will make them feel very relaxed and happy.

  4. Cats love to play. There are so many toys to choose from to keep them entertained. We at Pawfect Surprise know which ones will be popular for kitty so do have a look at our subscription boxes. Just like humans, cats can become easily bored so it’s important to have a few games up your sleeve and set aside some time each day as playtime. New toys will certainly keep your cat engaged and happy.

  5. Cats love food and water. This is an obvious one, but take the time to observe which foods your cat likes the best. There are some cats who prefer cat food with beef whilst others might prefer another flavor. Cats love fresh water, including running water so it's worth considering some of the drinking fountains which are specially designed for cats.

  6. Cats love to watch the wildlife outside, especially if the birds are putting on a show for them. It is instinctual to observe their prey, sometimes for several hours. Set your cat up with a cushion close to the window.

  7. Cats love their “big cat owners”. No doubt about it, they love us! Take the time to show your cat that you love them back. Gestures such as stroking, grooming, playing, and talking lovingly to your kitty are just a few ways to make them very happy indeed!

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