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Benefits of regular exercise for your dog

Dogs need regular exercise just like us humans do! It helps to maintain their fitness and improves their chances of living a long and healthy life. Evening walks or a game of fetch are some of the best fitness routines they can have. Keeping up with regular exercise and activities helps your pet stay happy and healthy.

A lack of exercise in your dog can lead to obesity and other health risks. Dogs are genetically programmed to chase and hunt in the wild and need regular and consistent exercise. Dogs that go without regular exercise are prone to destructive behaviours such as barking, digging and chewing.

On-leash and off-leash walking provides for different experiences for dogs. On-leash allows you to structure the walk and keeps you in control of any situation. Off-leash allows your dog to walk at their own pace. Swimming is another activity your dog can do that provides a great way to burn off energy and provides your dog with a proper workout.

Barking usually occurs for a reason which is to communicate something to you or someone else. If your dog is barking for no apparent reason then maybe it is another reason such as boredom or inactivity. Try regular exercise to limit this barking behaviour.

Exercise and walking your dog can also strengthen the bond between you and your pet making for a happier family. Remember, your dog is a pack animal, and requires hierarchy to feel settled and comfortable. By taking your dog on leash for regular walks you are setting the hierarchy and supporting their mental as well as physical health.

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