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Building Trust In A Rescue Cat

Updated: May 19, 2020

We can only begin to imagine what a cat has gone through on its journey to your loving, friendly and caring home.

Create a nice quiet environment, even if that means switching off the TV to begin with.

Allocate a room to give your cat their own space. Make sure they have all their needs met such as a comfortable place to sleep, food and water available as well as their litter tray.

Feed your cat often and use this time as an opportunity to talk to your cat so that they get used to the sound of your voice.

Your cat may feel anxious so make sure they have access to hiding places. Cats will often hide behind couches but they also like to be high up so that they can view the world but feel safe. A good option would be a shelf or even a cat tower with a scratching post. There are some fantastic ones with little hiding places built in them.

Praise your cat for good behaviour and speak in soft tones. Never yell at a cat if they do something wrong.

Look for signs that your cat is warming up to you. These may include your cat bumping its head against your body, your cat sleeping next to you or your cat walking in between your legs.

Once settled offer some toys to play with. Cats adore any toy which resembles a mouse as it brings out their natural hunting instinct. Even a small ball rolled around will keep your cat entertained

Once your new family member has settled in to your home you can start to appreciate everything that a cat has to offer you. Just stroking a cat has a number of health benefits for you such as relieving stress and lowering blood pressure. Your cat will definitely give a lot back to you as they start to trust and build a bond with you. Enjoy this special time.

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