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Curate a playlist to help your pets feel good vibes only

After conducting research on the love pet owners had for their pets, Spotify decided to pull together some playlists especially curated to make pets feel good.

Research found that 71% of pet owners played music to their pets to make them feel good, keep them company and to boost their happiness. As a result, we now are able to stream pet playlists to our furry companions to make them feel good knowing the songs are music to their ears!

These same pet owners indicated that their pets complete their life (84%) and thought that their pets liked the same music as they liked (55%). ( I am guilty of that, banging out those country tunes to my furry friends)... The results also indicated that 70% of pet parents consider the emotional wellness of their pets daily, which we think is awesome, as we do to.

Even though we like to play our favourite soothing tunes for our pets (thinking they will enjoy them too), research found that the styles of music they like, can be completely different to what we like ! Spotify found that most cats and dogs liked soft rock and classical music and hidden purring sounds interspersed in the music.

To help you personalise soothing and enjoyable tunes for your pets, spotify has curated a checklist to help you pick the right music for their personality.

Listen to Good Vibes Only here to get those tails wagging and pussy cats purring.

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