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Giving back to your four legged companion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Just lately Pawfect Surprise have seen more pet owners signing up for our monthly surprise bundles. Here are some of the reasons why:

At the time of writing during COVID-19 quarantine you can have an abundance of toys and treats on hand without having to risk going to the shops.

Pawfect Surprise understands that new toys will keep your companion entertained whilst you are working from home or even when you do return to work they will help reduce the anxiety which your pet may be feeling in your absence.

Time is precious! You don’t want to waste it trying to find healthy treats and the right toys for your pet, let us do the research and source you products which are not going to disappoint. We are committed to bringing you high quality products at an economical price.

Pawfect Surprise provides pet owners with a simple affordable way to give their pets the treats and care they deserve. We can source products that will be cheaper than if you were to buy the toys and treats yourself.

We realise how overwhelming it can be when trying to decide which toy or treat to buy for your fur baby. We often end up with buyers remorse if the toy doesn’t meet with our expectations.

Our Pawfect Surprise box has a variety of high quality f toys and treats waiting for you and your companion to enjoy.

Each box is packed with love because we care about your fur babies..

Our products have been rigorously tested and endorsed by pet experts and they comply with Australian pet safety requirements and standards.

Pawfect Surprise is proud to support the Australian not for profit charity , Pets Of The Homeless.

We are committed to helping you raise happy, healthy pets.

We offer excellent value for money with our subscription service.

Each of our products are top quality and recommended by our pet experts.

We take customer service very seriously.

We deliver right to your door each month.

There are no lock-in contracts.

We are an Australian owned family business.

We love our pets and our customers.

Here is a sample of our boxes. To get a box, visit:

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