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How to keep your home clean with a cat or dog

We all love our pets as they make the most wonderful companions and are a big part of our family. However, it can feel like we are spending most of our time cleaning up after them, not to mention some of the smells which come from their everyday habits. Here are some tips to help maintain a clean, tidy and fresh smelling household.

  1. Find a separate area such as the laundry to keep their litter tray and feeding station. Cats are prone to kicking out the litter in all directions but placing a litter mat under the litter tray can help to catch some of those granules especially when kitty steps out of the tray. It also makes more sense to have the tray on hard floorings such as wood or tiles. Try to avoid placing the litter tray on carpeted areas as the litter can end up ground into the carpet.

  2. You might find some unpleasant odours lingering around the litter tray so if it’s within your budget, opt for a scented cat litter as it will help to mask smells. There are also some good air fresheners you can use. But above all else scoop out the poop as soon as possible. Using scented bags when disposing of poop will keep those odours under wraps.

  3. Take the time to groom your cat or dog. Removing the loose hair with a brush will help prevent those hairs from being left on your couch and all over the house. Your cat or dog will look forward to their grooming session each day and it is a great way to bond with your pet.

  4. Wash your pet’s bedding as often as possible. Wait for a warm day so that it can have a good airing in the sun. Put some fabric softener in your machine so that it remains soft and fluffy and fresh smelling for them. Pets are just like us as they like to feel clean and they will appreciate a lovely fresh smelling bed. Also, do make sure they have their own designated blankets and towels.

  5. As a dog owner, it is important to bathe them on a regular basis. If you find yourself short on time, engage the services of a pet groomer as they are the experts and they will also pick up on any skin issues. If you notice your cat having some issues with cleaning themselves they too might need a bath.

  6. Keep all floors and furniture well-vacuumed and dusted. Some of our subscription boxes come with a reusable lint roller to help pick up hair from your couch or bed.

  7. Clean up any food spills straight away and do not let food sit in bowls for too long.

  8. Take the time to clean any toys which they play with on a regular basis.

  9. If you have problems with your male cat spraying, it is worth looking into having him de-sexed as it should cure the problem.

  10. Look at keeping an old towel by the front door to wipe those muddy paws, especially when returning from your walk. Alternatively, you can receive an awesome paw washer in your next box which is perfect to remove mud, dirt or sand after a walk.

Hopefully, these few tips will help eliminate odours and you will feel like you are coming home to a clean house at the end of the day. Just remember that if you do a little work each day it will dramatically cut down on the need to spend hours cleaning up and feeling like you are a slave to your beloved pooch or kitty cat.

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