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Pet Accommodation Vs Pet Sitters

With the Summer holidays fast approaching, it is a time when many of us need to decide what to do with our cat or dog whilst we are away. The easiest less stressful option would be to organize a camping trip at a facility that is dog friendly so that your beloved pooch can join in the fun of a family holiday. This option is not so easy if you are wanting to bring your kitty cat along as well because cats do not adapt as well to a different environment as they are creatures of habit who like their familiar surroundings. We stress so much about our pets well being that this can overshadow our holiday. We can often end up feeling that it is easier to stay at home. However, there are some solutions where everyone can feel happy so let’s compare housing your cat or dog in pet accommodation as opposed to leaving them at home with a pet sitter.

You would have noticed pet boarding facilities springing up in your local area with many of these places being described as “Pet Resorts”. That to me sounds like the ultimate in luxury especially when you consider all the additional amenities as well as services offered to your pet. Some of the more upmarket resorts offer your dog their own separate luxury room with a comfortable bed as well as dog TV. They also have the option to go on a playdate or swim in the pool. Additional services would include grooming, massage, and exercising. Don’t worry that your kitty cat might be missing out because their needs are also taken into consideration. Their suite will include a number of perches and climbing towers with peaceful background music such as birds chirping. It will make them feel like they are outside. Many of these resorts are happy to tailor a package for the more budget-conscious or it could be that your pet needs extra attention in which case you might want to invest in additional services.

If a pet resort is not within the budget you might want to consider a cheaper alternative offered by your local veterinarian. These facilities will not have the same standard of pampering as they will be more geared up towards housing sick pets post-surgery and are therefore more clinical. However, if you have an older cat or dog with health issues this could be an ideal option and offer you peace of mind knowing that the vet is onsite.

Pet Sitters are ideal for those of you that have a number of cats and dogs as this kind of service allows you to leave them in the comfort of their own home without the expense of paying boarding fees for each of them. This can be ideal for a very anxious cat or dog as they are on familiar ground. There are two different types of pet sitting services. The first is when someone comes to your house either once or twice a day to feed your pets. For an additional charge, they will also exercise your dog. If you get on well with your neighbors you could offer their teenagers some money to complete these tasks.

The second type of pet sitting service is when someone comes and lives in your house. This type of arrangement is ideal if you are planning an extended trip away. The benefit of this is that your pets have a constant companion in the house day and night. It also means that if they become sick someone is at hand to seek medical help. Having someone in your home also means that you do not become a target for thieves as there is someone at hand to collect the mail and to put the bins out. The cost might work out to be similar to that of a pet resort when you take into consideration electricity usage and if you are providing food for your sitter as well. Obviously, you have to feel at ease with that person because they will be living in your personal space as well as taking care of your prized possessions. There are people offering their pet sitting services online so do your research thoroughly and make sure they come with excellent recommendations.

In conclusion, you are the one who knows your pet best and for that reason, you will know in your heart where they will be their happiest. Talk to other pet owners to find out what they do with their pets as they might be able to make recommendations that you hadn’t already considered. They may even offer to look after your pet whilst you are away. You all deserve a well earned holiday which is free from stress.

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