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So what's the deal with pet subscription boxes anyway?

Subscription boxes have been around for years offering things like food and wine to makeup and books. These types of subscriptions range from a monthly delivery to quarterly and even yearly.

Pet subscription boxes have become more popular in recent years as knowing your furry friend is well entertained and always stocked up on treats puts many owners' minds at ease. With a box full of toys, treats, accessories, and more delivered to your door every month, pet owners will save time and money shopping at the large overpriced retail stores. PLUS receiving a complete surprise every month is just as exciting for you as it is for your pooch!

Watch their tails wag and noses sniff through their new treasure as they select their favorites to keep them entertained all month long!

Pawfect Surprise subscription boxes offer amazing value with products recommended by pet experts to make your pet supaw healthy and happy! We offer a choice of subscription boxes designed to give your pets hours of play-time fun without the need to lock into a long contract to get the best price. Check out our 3 different boxes to see what suits you and your pooch best!

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