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The benefits of Doggy Daycare

Updated: May 15, 2020

Dogs are pack animals and for that reason they have a natural desire to be around others including dogs. Just as with small children socialising builds all those important skills such as interaction with others, learning to share as well as gaining in confidence when put in new situations.

Knowing that your dog is being well looked after by professionals in your absence will give you peace of mind and stop all those feelings of guilt.

Your dog will be stimulated mentally and physically and you will find that they come home tired. No longer will you be walking into chewed up shoes or other items destroyed around your home.

Doggy daycare relieves the loneliness which your dog may experience at home as they can create bonds with their doggy friends and enjoy revisiting them.

Your dog will release all of that pent up energy by running and playing with their friends. This will lead to less destructive behaviour at home, less barking (no more complaints from neighbours) and overall a much happier dog.

Your dog will be in a safe environment and will be provided with structure which will make them feel secure. The people who run these centres are dog lovers so you can be assured that your dog will be receiving lots of love and affection.

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