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The benefits of using a professional pet groomer

As pet owners we want the best for our pets and we take pride in how they look. However it is not always as easy as it sounds to maintain that sleek, shiny coat for both our dogs and cats when we are short on time. Just imagine how hard it must be for owners of large dogs trying to squeeze them into the bathtub. You may know already how stressful this is, not to mention getting soaked in the process. Or even for a cat owner it would be a challenge trying to bathe them without the risk of being scratched.

Cats do a great job of cleaning themselves but there will be times when they need our assistance particularly if they have long hair and live in a hot climate.

Believe it or not cats and dogs are just like us humans and do not enjoy being smelly. It would also be very uncomfortable for them if their coats are full of knots. Another thing to consider is having their nails clipped at the same time. A professional groomer will clip their nails without any issues which means less chance of injury. Keeping your pets nails short helps with their posture as well as reducing their risk of infection. Dogs should really have their nails clipped every 4 weeks and it does no harm to have your cat’s nails clipped (it also means your cat is less likely to scratch your best lounge to pieces).

There are many options when it comes to organising a groomer for your dog or cat. Some owners like to drop their pet at a salon and return a few hours later whilst others prefer to have a mobile grooming service come to their home. The mobile service can help to reduce the anxiety which your pet might be feeling as they are still in their own territory and can see their house. Whichever option you choose the end result will certainly be a happy, relaxed, sweet smelling companion who you will be happy to invite up onto the couch.

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