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Tips to help when you absolutely must bathe your cat

As a cat parent, you are usually lucky enough to be able to leave cleaning duties to your kitty Many people chose a cat over a dog because cats are generally low maintenance and for that reason make the perfect pet if you don’t have the time and effort needed to put into a dog. However, there may come a time when you really need to bathe your cat. Perhaps the tom from across the road has sprayed all over her or maybe if you have a long-haired cat they have issues getting to those hard-to-reach areas. Either way here is some tips to make the process a lot more bearable for both of you.

Choose a time when your cat might be feeling sleepy, perhaps after a play session with you when she has expelled all of her energy.

Decide whether you wish to use the laundry tub or the bath. Generally, the laundry tub is a better option because you are not having to bend down to her in the bath. Some people prefer to use the shower for the convenience of running water but it's a personal choice. Put a rubber mat down so that she doesn’t slip and just fill the tub with 3 to 4 inches of water.

Just as when it comes to bathing a baby, it is important to be organized. Start by having the following items on hand:

- Rubber gloves

- Cat shampoo

- A washer for face cleaning

- A jug to help with rinsing

- A large bath towel

Give your kitty a brush with a comb so that you can loosen any fur which has become matted as it will make bathing a lot easier.

Make sure the water is a nice warm temperature. Wet your cat’s body from the shoulders to the tail and then apply the shampoo. Massage it in and then rinse off. Use the washer for cleaning your cat’s face but only use plain water avoiding the ear and eye area. Talk reassuringly to her the whole time and even offer her a treat. Once rinsed get kitty out of the bath, wrapping her in a towel, similar to how you would wrap a baby.

Try to dry her as much as possible with the towel. If she is confident and relaxed enough for you to use a hairdryer, put it in a low setting and hold it some distance away as it will speed up the drying process...

Lastly, keep her inside in a warm area particularly if it is cold outside. Offer her some food afterward to make her feel happier and more secure. She will soon realize that bath time can be a fun rewarding experience you both can enjoy!

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