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Tips for photographing your cats and dogs

Our pets are an important part of our family so it is only natural to want to capture their memory so that we have something to cherish when they are no longer with us. Here are some tips to help with getting that best photo and hopefully capturing their personality through the lens.

  1. Be prepared with your camera or phone close by to capture that perfect shot, especially if you are outside.

  2. Use natural light from windows and doors so that the light falls on your dog or cats’ face

  3. Get down to the same level as your cat or dog as their personality will come out better in the photo.

  4. Pay attention to the background as you don’t want to include clutter or a garbage bin. The focus needs to be on your pet.

  5. The perfect time for snapping pics is when your cat or dog is in a relaxed state of mind and they are not hungry or thirsty. Maybe take some photos after your dog has had their daily exercise.

  6. Be patient and once you start taking photos take as many as possible to get the right shot.

  7. If photographing outside opt for mid-morning or late afternoon when the light is more filtered.

  8. Use treats as a way of keeping your pet happy.

  9. If you are using a professional camera there are several YouTube videos to help you achieve that best photo with the tools you have.

  10. Have FUN!

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