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Why do cats purr?

Just like any other living creature cats like to show their contentment. We do it by smiling, dogs do it by wagging their tails and cats purr. Your cat purring is an indication that they are happy. For the most part that is true but they can also use their purr to communicate with us for other reasons.

Researchers in the UK studied the sounds that cats make at meal times and noted that their purr sounds different. Often at meal times they may combine their purr with a high pitched cry or meow to get our attention.

Cats purr at a frequency of 26 Hertz when they are in pain or unwell. Research has shown that cats will heal faster because the purring causes their body to vibrate which can repair bones and tendons and lessen pain and swelling..

Cats often purr to self soothe if they are in a stressful situation and feeling nervous or afraid.

Researchers believe that the purr comes from the muscles within the cat’s larynx which surrounds the vocal cords and the air vibrates every time the cat breathes in or out.

Cat experts have concluded that no two cats are the same and that some will purr whilst others may not. Some cats will also choose to knead something soft when they purr because the kneading brings them contentment.

Purring is also instinctive as we have seen when we observe new kittens. They purr as a way of getting their mother’s attention

Armed with this information gives us a better understanding as to why our cat is purring. It means we can also look out for any early indications that they may be sick or in pain. But above all else enjoy that bond that you build with your cat and let them show you just how much they love you by purring.

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