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Why do dogs bury bones and other items?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Dogs would have hunted in packs in the wild and in order to keep their food safe from the other dogs in the pack, they would have taken the time to bury it. Burying their food would also keep it cool and it would still be fresh when they went back to it later. This would have been essential for their survival in the wild.

You may be asking "why does my dog need to bury their bones when I meet all their needs". The answer to that question is that it is their natural instinct. Your dog wants to make sure that they have food for later. It could be that you may be overfeeding your dog so that they just take what they need and have the luxury of burying the rest for later. Your dog could be worried about having to share with other pets in your household or perhaps if you have a rescue dog they may have experienced long periods of hunger in the past.

Your dog may see this as a good game. The burying may extend to some of your personal items such as slippers, watches, TV remote control. Your dog may be trying to tell you that they are bored, or feeling anxious and that they would like some more play time with you.

Knowing that this is completely normal behaviour should ease any concerns you may have. When your dog digs up their bone and brings it to you it is a clear indication that they truly love you.

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