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Why do 75% of dogs feel stress and anxiety?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Did you know that 75% of dogs felt stress and anxiety? No, we didn't either! But according to a recent study conducted by the Smithsonian Institute, (and one of the largest studies on dog anxiety to have ever been conducted in the world) showed that a whopping number of our canine companions are feeling anxious and distressed.

There are a number of reasons for this; the most common reasons were loneliness, boredom and separation, as were loud noises (such as fireworks and thunder)....but a few more interesting reasons popped up.

An increase in anxiety was also seen from inattention, a fear of surfaces and heights, a fear of other dogs and a fear of strangers.

Unfortunately, anxiety and distress can lead to behavioural problems and can reduce their quality of life, can make them more vulnerable to disease, may lead them to being abandoned or worse, euthanized.

The most common reported behavioural problems included excessive barking, inappropriate elimination, destructiveness, aggression and fearfulness.

The study found that anxiety played out differently in different breeds and for male and female dogs. Male dogs were more often aggressive and hyperactive/impulsive, whereas female dogs were more often fearful.

For a much more detailed look at the study, you can find it here:

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