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The facts about tapeworms and how to eliminate them.

There may come a time in your cat or dog’s life when they are affected by these annoying little parasites called tapeworms. These parasites live in the intestine and can deplete your pet of essential nutrients. You may not even realise your pet has a tapeworm until you see them in their feces or you may find segments which look like grains of rice around their bedding. You might be wondering where they have come from but the most common form is from fleas which are easily swallowed when grooming themselves. Pets that hunt and eat their prey such as birds and mice are also at risk. Tapeworms can also come from raw meat which hasn’t been prepared properly.

Try not to panic as it is easy to prevent and to eliminate tapeworms. There are a few things to be mindful of and here are a few tips to reduce the risk of them being passed on to other family members:-

  1. 1. Be extra vigilant with hand washing.

  2. 2. Always wash your hands after dealing with litter trays.

  3. 3. If your cat goes outside fit them with a bell on their collar to make it difficult for them to stalk their prey.

  4. 4. Wash all bedding they have used.

  5. Treat them regularly for fleas.

  6. Consider the services of a pet groomer

  7. Deworm them regularly and also look at worming treatments which are safe for humans as it does no harm to worm your family at the same time.

If you have any major concerns do talk to your Vet as they will be able to recommend the best products and also examine your pet for any other issues which might be related.

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