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Why Are Toys So Important For Dogs?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

When we welcome a dog into our home, they become part of our family. We consider them our fur-babies/children and for that reason we do all that we can to attend to every one of their needs. From all the research that has been conducted there is no doubt that providing toys will have a positive impact on your new family member.

Toys provide mental stimulation which will tire your dog out and make them less inclined to get into mischief. Toys encourage independence. Dogs do not like their own company which makes it hard on you when you have to leave them for extended periods of time. Toys will keep your dog entertained and they will learn to have fun without you. Chew toys in particular will discourage puppies from chewing everything in sight. Toys encourage relaxation as playing with a toy is a rewarding experience which promotes happiness. This also means that your dog will be less stressed. More toys makes for a more relaxed dog. Toys help to build a positive relationship between you and your dog as they associate having fun with being around you.

Toys help your dog to improve their overall agility. According to research dogs get bored with the same toys so only give them a few and look out for more toys to keep your dog motivated and happy. Toys are beneficial in so many ways and are essential for your dog's overall health and well being.

If you want to get your dog new toys to play with, check out our subscription boxes to get new toys, treats, accessories, grooming products & health and wellness products each month!

Play together and stay together

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